As a performer I approached working with Ian just like any other job, I was on time, I listened to Ian's direction and I enjoyed every minute of working with the camera. Ian and I had discussed a suitable location beforehand and this decision was reached when Ian suggested perhaps an industrial landscape a derelict warehouse or factory. Instantly I became engaged and excited about the prospect of working within these surroundings. I am a physical based performer, a person who thrives on being spontaneous as well as working within safe structures in both a literal and lateral way.

Ian valued my contribution to our work together he provided a safe and expressive environment for us to carry out our work. I felt my confidence grow as we worked. Ian's clear direction and positive suggestion of physical stance and shape helped guide me through the entire photographic shoot.

It was a momentous day for me as I had never before revealed my body to such an extent not even in my performance work. I felt both liberated and comfortable, the best place to be I think when working!

Why did I do it? Well vanity played its part I wanted to have a record of my whole body at the age of forty two. I did it in order to recount and recollect my youth and energy later in my life, also for my child to see the body where he came from felt somehow vital and for my partner to share an image that is impossible to produce on a day to day domestic level! But really I did it all for me, some might say it was a selfish act and I would wholeheartedly agree! Ian and I produced a portfolio of work that showed I am proud to display my human form not in an exhibitionist way but in a way that celebrates the present. "I exist" the work says for me. "I am here", and in this day and age those statements feel more profound than ever.

So, my last testament to any woman considering working with Ian Cartwright is just "DO IT!"


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