A Special Gift for Your Lover

I am the photographer who can create for you the most special gift a lover can give. Your gift will be unique. It will be you. It's your show. Your performance. Do what you like.

Be sweet, or naughty with your loveUSB.

The photographs will be beautifully crafted, and will build up a story as the sequence unfolds. The idea will be fine-tuned to be just right for you and your partner. The finished, edited show will be set to music and presented in a stylish metal box on a password protected USB drive to play on a PC or a Mac.

Call me now on 0161 485 2318 or e-mail ian@caramelphoto.com to discuss the possibilities. Ian Cartwright Caramel Photography

Don't we look good naked?

Lots of LoveUSB sequences involve nudity, but taking off clothes is not compulsory. For lots of examples of my photography in this more risqué genre, go to www.dontwelookgoodwithoutclothes.com

LH Testimonial

The end result was perfection. My boyfriend was blown away not only by how much work I put into his gift but by the personal touches throughout the slideshow that made it "ours". LH